CryptoFunk Bears Collaboration

This collaboration features 2 solid color swatches and a “base level bear” from “The CryptoFunk Bear” collection. Blend them to create more colorful, limited edition, versions.

CryptoFunk Bears Collaboration


The following is an artist profile featuring @kahraman_nas, the creator of the featured piece in this series.


Please introduce yourself to our readers. What would you like them to know about you?

Hi, My names Kahraman Nas, and I live in the United Kingdom. I am a self taught Artist with over ten years experience in making 3D models for the Games Industry.

What was the inspiration for this piece?

Crypto Funk Bears was an idea, after seeing what people were buying as NFTs mainly on twitter. I decided I needed to make a bear and re texture it as many times I possibly could, to make a collection of bears called Crypto Funk Bears.

How long have you been designing in the digital realm?

All together ten years experience in using software like 3ds max, photoshop and adobe illustrator.

Who are your artistic influences?

My passion started after falling in love with studio Ghibli films. I was so amazed by the art work, I wanted to be able to draw like that. Any free time I had from 3d modelling, was spent on adobe illustrator drawing characters from there films, to improve my skills on adobe illustrator.

What got you interested in NFTs/Crypto Art/Digital Collectibles?

I got into NFTs because of lack of work in the 3d world. I wanted to spread my wings.

Where can we find you online (Twitter, website, Instagram, OpenSea, Rarible, etc?)


CryptoFunk Bears Collaboration - No. 000138
CryptoFunk Bears Collaboration - No. 000139
CryptoFunk Bears Collaboration - No. 000140
CryptoFunk Bears Collaboration - No. 000141


CryptoFunk Bears Collaboration - No. 000142


CryptoFunk Bears Collaboration - No. 000143


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